Where can I buy a Ubass in the UK?

Since the U-Bass is a bit of a niche instrument from a single US supplier, it has taken time for them to arrive on the UK market. At the time of writing, the two main models that are available are the original U-Bass electro acoustic model and the SUB U-Bass solid body. I’ll update this as the other models inevitably (I hope) become available.

Note that all models are available fretted and fretless.

The funky promo images for some of the later models are lifted straight off the Kala website. Go and visit it! It’s fun!

U-Bass models I found from UK Suppliers

Occasionally they appear on Amazon UK.  If so they will appear in this box

The Original Electro Acoustic U-Bass

This is the original U-Bass that came on the market a few years ago.  The crucial points are that it has a passive pickup system with no on board controls that are present in the later models (see Acoustic-Electric models below). They came in the Spruce version and the more expensive and sexier looking Mahogany model.

SUB Solid Body U-Bass

page12The SUB U-Bass is compact looking solid bodied version of the U-bass with an active pickup and basic controls (volume and eq).

U-Basses Models currently only available by US Import

The Rumbler U-Bass


Description coming soon

Acoustic-Electric U-Bass (includes active pickup, inbuilt EQ and tuner)




Description coming soon

Hutch Hutchinson Signature Acoustic U-Bass


Something Something

California Solid Body U-Bass (including 5 string versions)

page9These are the high end (and more expensive) solid body models built in the US by Kala.  Hence the name “California”. Though I’ve never seen one in person I would presume they are better made than the mass produced SUB U-Basses.  You can spot the difference if you notice the headstock is made with a wood finish and the body is stained solid wood (with the visible wood grain) as apposed to the SUB model which is based on chipboard and covered in a hard plastic coating.  Beware, I’ve seen occasional SUB models mis-labelled as California models.  I haven’t seen a proper California model from a UK supplier yet.