UBass Cases

Kala Acoustic “Hard” Case

The Standard Kala Acoustic Ubass foam hard case.

The Standard Kala Acoustic Ubass foam hard case.

Kala provide a “hard” case with the acoustic UBass. The case is lightweight (as it contains foam) and quite pleasing on the eye but is not the most durable. I have found that in a few weeks of use, and I define used as travelling about on public transport loading the case into cars the handle fixing screws came out of the phone quite quickly. This meant that the handle felt and loose in the hand in a most unsatisfying way. On the body of the case this in turn puts a lot of stress on the seams just by the handle and with a few months extra use they were starting to shred where the seams of the zips attach to the body.



Since the body of the case is made with foam I tried re glueing the loose screws back into the body but they came out within a week again.  The Kala case is not a long term option unless you are a light user.

I’ve been on the lookout for a good alternative for a while. Kala eventually bought out a proper durable hard case…

Kala Hard Case  (HC-UB)

Kala provide another case a genuine hard case which is somewhat more bulky and considerably heavier than the phone case. It’s the case for somebody who is perhaps going to transport on a the plane or storage facilities on public transport. It looks like it could take some maltreatment yet it is heavy. I comes in Black or a tweed colour.  At the time of writing, I have never seen any available in the UK and I had to buy my mine directly from Kala in the US and pay import tax 🙁

Ubass Case Closed

Ubass Case closed



Can I use a standard baritone Uke case?

I looked into seeing if I could use a standard “off the shelf” baritone ukulele case. Sadly I have not yet found on that will fit.  The UBass is indeed a standatd Uke body size but because the hipshot tuners stick out more than those of a  uke, the will not fit.  If you find one that does fit, then please let me know! Send me a message on my contact page.